Of Car Models and their Initials

A Marketing Manager of Toyota called me to ask if I can help them because the latest model of Toyota from Australia is being blocked for sale in the Philippines.

I asked “What was the model?”

The Manager said “Toyota CHR”.

So I explained, “There you go, that is where the problem is, the model – CHR”.

“Why?” asked the Manager. I said, “The government at the moment is pretty sensitive to issues where they don’t like highlighting their weakness. So CHR is kind of one of their weakness, and they wouldn’t want this weakness being seen in a popular car driving around the whole country”.

“So what do you suggest?”, “Should we change the name of the model?”. “Can you please suggest what 3 letters for this model?”.

So below were my suggestions:

  • If you want to sell fleets to the Department of Justice, don’t use the initial `WIG’.
  • If you want a quick sale of 16 million units or less, even if your model is a lemon, give it the initial ‘DDS’
  • If you want the military and the police to buy your cars don’t use the initials `EJK’.
  • If you don’t want Congress to block your brand in the country, especially by the Speaker of the House, don’t use ‘EMR’ (Extra-Marital Relations)
  • If you want PDuts to endorse your brand, use the initial of his favourite expression’ ‘FKU’
  • If you want to sell your brand to majority of the Filipinos, use the initial of what most of them are praying for of their president, ‘RIP’

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