‘Government-affiliated Bloggers to undergo Spelling Test’

After the fiasco in the Senate hearing and the subsequent `away ng mga bakla’ between the pro-Duterte bloggers rumours had it that there was secret meeting called to all these bloggers. It seems that Malacanang decided to review the accreditation of these people by getting them tested to establish credibility that they can be the voice for the administration. One by one each blogger was called in including some officials at the PCOO.

Each blogger had to undergo a test similar to what the Foreign Affairs department conduct with those people who want to work in the Foreign Service.

The first test was Spelling. Each one was called in and each had to spell a word.

First one to be called in was, of course, Mocha.

Tester:  “Ms. Mocha, please spell `APPOINTED”

Mocha: “APPOINTED – E, L, E, C, T, E, D”



Next, “Mr. Nieto please”.

Tester: “Mr. Nieto, please spell ‘FACTS’”

Nieto: FACTS – O, P, I, N, I, O, N – FACTS



Unexpectedly, 2 lawyer bloggers were also called,

Tester: Ms. Trixie Angeles, please come over.

Tester: Attorney Angeles please spell `Impeachment’

Angeles: Impeachment – D,I,S,B,A,R,M,E,N,T – IMPEACHMENT



The other lawyer was called in.

Tester: Attorney Rivera, please spell ENDORSEMENT




Last was Sassott.

Tester: “Ms. Sassot, please spell `LOYALTY’

Sassot: “Di ba two wordS yan?    H,O,W.  then    M, U, C, H!


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